Technology and innovation are not enough. We understand the new behaviors and we translate them into telematic solutions

Advice and expertise on telematics projects

Creating business intelligence products and tools

Software intelligence designed by experts

Choose a technology suited to your requirements

Managing field resources and scheduling tasks

drivers have already adopted this solution. How about you?

Unit geolocation and 360° view of the fleet

Become an agile, customer-oriented manager

For eco-friendly, economical, risk-free driving

Optimize your drivers’ efficiency at the wheel

Developments in telematics

Our innovative software solutions connected to on-board technology enable you to control and optimize your remote and mobile activities.

Value creator in the IoT sector

Actia Telematics Services has developed innovative software solutions to optimize your remote and mobile activities.

These solutions interconnect vehicles, objects and people (Location Based Solutions): geolocation, routes, eco-friendly driving, vehicle diagnostics, etc. 

Created on the basis of our telematics and mapping expertise, these services have complied with European quality standards since 2001.




To meet the specific requirements of your sector (transport, construction, distribution, services, etc.) Actia Telematics Services develops, in cooperation with its distributor partners, a modular application architecture which is continually evolving according to the most advanced web and mobile development standards.





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A renewed ISO27001 certificat for users satisfaction

Technology is constantly evolving. While advances in software, hardware and connectivity may offer efficiencies and opportunities that we could not

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ATS recrute!

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