You are an on-board electronics manufacturer

Telematics answer to diagnostics needs
  • Data analysis throughout the vehicle life cycle

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Service notice

  • Job history

  • OTA management


We provide the telematics platform
  • which can interface with many box models 

  • proven system since 2001

  • available as a white label version for customization the way you want it


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You are a leaser

Benefits for you as a leaser:

Remote diagnostics

Preventive maintenance

Vehicle use monitoring



Vehicle use monitoring

Personnel management

Remote diagnostic tool

Overview of consumption

Driving behavior

Driving improvement program 

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You are a fleet manager

Managing your fleet with a tried and tested telematics solution
  • Eco-friendly driving
  • Eco-friendly mobility
  • Proactive maintenance and fleet management
  • Real time geolocation


Organize your fleet in order to control it
  • in vehicle groups
  • by enabling alarms
  • by creating your own dashboards
  • by organizing access to data and sharing according to your teams’ responsibilities


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